9 mistakes to avoid in your architectural rendering process

Realtors always want to incorporate the best architectural designs.  Owing to the same, nowadays, realtors, architects and engineers are also employing 3D architectural rendering mavens. As every project is different, it is obviously important to initially visualize the features and attributes of the projects and ensure that they meet your expectations. In the process of 3D architectural rendering, a 3D modeling software is used to offer three dimensional images and animations defining the architectural features of a project under consideration.  Even after hiring the best among 3D rendering artists, expected outcome may not be achieved in some cases. To avoid such a mishap, stay away from the following mistakes.


Do not assume 3D renderers as designers


3D renders visualize your projects using 3-dimensional modeling software. Do not assume them to be designers. They will not be managing any tasks handled by designers for your projects. Understand and distinguish the role of designers from that of the 3D renderers.


Offer adequate briefing and visual references


3D rendering experts largely depend on the briefing and visual references offered to them. Do not limit your visual references; instead provide plenty of visual references, mostly the ones that you prefer. This will provide them enough convenience for managing the 3d architectural rendering process. Also offer them good and elaborate briefing on the 3d interior and exterior design layout, plans with design examples, photography etc. You can save plenty of your time by putting across the correct expectations.


Provide images of project model


3D renderers should be provided photographs and sketches of the model. This facilitates easy visualization of the project especially while renderers gain understanding on the real attributes of the project. If you supplement images of the product model, then you can surely expect high quality architectural renderings design from the 3D renderers.


Focus On Clarity


One of the most common 3d rendering mistakes that occur during the process is vagueness in expectations communicated initially. State your expectations clearly with your 3D rendering team right at the start of the project. This will save time and reduce the number of changes in the 3D render. Provide accurate details and clear directions on the attributes of the project, its architectural design and these will reflect in the output delivered by the team.


No confusions please! Provide clear instructions


It is important to specify your requirements to the 3D rendering experts and changes that need to be effectively completed in the first draft. Point to the changes such as the color palette that need to be used or the exact changes that need to be done.          


Never settle for the wrong rendering experts


Take your time in choosing the right people availing architectural rendering services. Find out about the expertise of the 3D experts and also assess their portfolio to know their expertise. Gather some insight on their previous experience and decide if they can contribute effectively to your project and meet your expectations. Choose rendering experts who have contributed to innovative architectural projects. This offers you the opportunity to introduce innovations to your current projects.


Settle for a group review of 3-D images


Realtors and other responsible persons for the project should review properly in a group after the first draft and provide an integrated feedback. This can help to consolidate all the necessary changes as confirmed by the entire group. Go on and decide over all the fixtures, lightings, color palette and other attributes. Your 3D renderers will be pleased to implement the changes in the first draft based on the group decision. It can save time and energy for both the parties!


Communication and discussion are both important


While you may have plenty of requirements to be included in the rendering process, it is important to consider if these inclusions or changes are possible to be incorporated. A team should be introduced to work with the 3D rendering expert offering explanation of the changes to be implemented. You can communicate with this team and they should be able to discuss the possibility of implementing the changes in the 3D rendering process. So avoid one-sided communication with the 3D rendering experts; instead understand their points of view also. This can also reduce the number of iterations and changes in the final render.


Good Feedback Is Important


With inadequate feedbacks, even the top 3d visualization companies in India won’t be able to furnish quality outcomes. Feedback is only useful if it is based on the understanding of the 3D renders. Provide visual references of the changes that need to implement. Pilot renders are used to highlight the changes required in the final render. These pilot renders can be created in minutes. Highlight the wrong details in red and add relevant comments in the pilot render. This will increase the convenience of the 3D renderers in effectuating the change.


 3D architectural rendering is gaining popularity across the globe. It is one of the most effective strategies for eminent realtors, architects and engineers planning upscale projects. It is an effective method to incorporate changes in your projects and visualize innovative architectural designs prior to construction. There is no better strategy to sell developed assets than offering its visualization through 3D rendering services.


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