Advantages of Outsourcing 3D Furniture Modeling over In-House Development

Promoting your furniture products persuasively with attractively detailed 3D models is the best choice. But to get the models sculpted in 3D with accuracy, you can maintain a tenured team of artists in-house or you may outsource the task to a 3d product modeling company. Your eventual objective is to get superior quality, photorealistic rendering of your furniture collection at the earliest in cost competitive manner. If you feel undecided about the best path to follow, just go through the points discussed in this post to make an informed decision.


1) Administrative Hassles

If you choose to keep 3D developers on your company’s rolls, you may be guided by the notion that all your product visualization related tasks would be executed on time with perfection. If the artists fail to perform, you may penalize them and thus keep them on their toes.  This may sound rational but is not as simple. Since you are not an expert on 3D related matters, you would have to depute supervisors to monitor the job and efficiency of 3D artists. Further, you have to invest heavily on expensive 3D software and its recurrent licensing fee. To keep the skillsets of employees updated, regular training has to be arranged. Managing leave, sick and other payroll related activities would incur more administrative overheads. If you are on a shoestring budget, believe me the cost to benefit ratio would be highly skewed negatively.


In contrast, trusting a company with proven track record would mean complete relief from administrative costs. You can hire experts who work on attest software on hourly, monthly or project basis. When artists are idle, you need not pay. And the work delivered would be best in class.


2) Skill Sets

3D furniture design is not a standalone task. To prep up the model for advertisement purposes, multiple hands have to work simultaneously. If your budget does not permit hiring additional talents, you have to search for one who is exceptionally talented and seasoned. The remuneration such a professional would demand may be significantly high. But the outcome delivered by the artist may not appeal to you or may not bring enough business success. The credentials of candidate may have inspired you to hire him, but he may not live up to your expectations due to shoddy work.


When you connect with a reputed 3D modeling company, you just have to spell out your 3D furniture modeling needs, delivery schedule and resolution required. The company would have on its rolls extensively trained and experienced 3D artists, modeling experts, developers etc. who can be assigned to your task in planned manner for accomplishing desired results with lowest turnaround. 


3) Output Quality

For in-house artists, you have to consistently assess their work to ensure that they are aligning the outcomes with your company’s standards. If you are uncertain if the 3D quality would offer you a competitive edge in market, you have to hire quality tracking experts who can certify the work and check flaws for rectification. Again, this would mean opening the mouth of your company’s wallet. After deployment, if the quality fails to impress the audience, your firm’s reputation would be irrevocably damaged.


You can enjoy complete peace of mind on quality front when you outsource the work to 3D product modeling company. Such a company would always ensure adherence to quality benchmarks which will give your furniture ads a unique character of their own. Audiences would start relating high quality furniture models to your brand which would impact profits favorably. The 3D workflow would be monitored for quality issues at every crucial stage by dedicated project manager. Your work would always be prioritized irrespective of the business volume handled by the outsourced partner.


4) Cost Competitiveness

As I have discussed earlier, if you decide to hire 3D artists in-house, you have to spend significantly on wages (they are blue collared employees and hence would draw fat paychecks), leaves, perquisites, taxes, benefits, administrative and payroll expenses. Even when furniture modeling tasks are not needed, you have to pay the artists.


You would experience a significant drop in wage related expenses once you outsource the task, which is seasonal of course, to a 3D company. You just need to pay hourly or on project basis. The quality of work would be comparatively superior as you can enjoy the services of best industry talents who work on latest software.


5) Immunity from all unforeseen hazards

When 3D furniture modeling is done in-house, you must remain prepared for different disasters which would come uninvited. You can take proactive risk control measures, still you cannot rule out unforeseen hazards in entirety. Some such disastrous moments can come in the form of fire, data theft, accidents, power outages etc. The schedules would be violated and on top of that, you have to incur financial losses for damage control.

Outsourced partner would render you immune from the adverse impacts of any disaster. The company would have multiple layers of risk mitigation measures to ensure that completed task is not ruined. After all, the company is exclusively in this business and hence have all the infrastructure expedients in place to deliver optimum results on time.


Before concluding, I must say that ThePro3DStudio is a company which has set new benchmarks in 3D furniture modeling domain. You can outsource development of generic or luxury furniture models in 3D at unbelievably low costs and expect impeccable results. 

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